Member of the World Freight Network since September 2013, AMICONGO was well represented at the 10th annual meeting marking the 10th anniversary of the network held in the Republic of PANAMA, PANAMA City, the 27 to 29 April 2014.

At that meeting, AMICONGO was represented by its Managing Director, Mr. Jean Chryso Mayembe and the Representative and Armaments, Mr. Zeph Makolo.

Concerned about the promotion of its members’ activities through “Win Win” partnerships and to protect their interests, the World Freight NetWork facilitates, through its annual meetings, the merger of its members so that they can know themselves and discuss about each other’s activities.

The conference of PANAMA, the very first time for AMICONGO, was an opportunity to find a partial solution to the problem of its external anchoring that was lacking from the disengagement of its associate CMB-AMI.

The Delegation of AMICONGO capitalized this opportunity in a series of 42 face-to-face with partners around the world, members of World Freight Network, to exchange information and address books.