The WORLD QUALITY COMMITMENT Award 2014 goes to Amicongo.

After several consecutive years of management turbulences at approximately characterized by a high opacity, AMICONGO is coming out of this bad pass for two years.
This is made possible to a policy of participatory management putting man at the center of management. Ultimately, it is the customer who derives satisfaction from the efforts being made.
The AMICONGO is a service company; considering his expertise due to its long experience of first official freight forwarder of the DRC, the company realized that customer satisfaction is based on the quality and motivation of the man committed to customer satisfaction.
Whence the persistence of the Management Committee to improve everything that can help improve the man to put at the disposal of the customer quality workmanship.
All these efforts did not happen unnoticed by Business Initiative Directions (BID), a private organization number 1 in the world in spreading the quality culture through “Quality Mix” and the “International Quality Award BID ” that allowed the implementation of the model quality QC 100.
Indeed, the Business Initiative Directions annually awards a trophy World Quality Commitment to companies or organizations from different countries around the world, who want to promote their reputation and position by implementing a culture of quality. In other words, this award recognizes and promotes the commitment of companies and organizations to quality and continuous customer satisfaction and improved employee relations improvement, etc.
Starting from the efforts of the AMICONGO in that sense it was awarded, for the month of July, under the supervision of the IDB, WORL Price QUALITY COMMITMENT, QUALITY HUNTERS by the leaders, entrepreneurs and experts quality that have recognized the contribution to leadership, quality and excellence.
The decision to award the World Quality Commitment to AMICONGO was taken by the Evaluation Committee WQC based on the criteria of the QC 100.
This trophy will be awarded to AMICONGO at the convention to be held in Paris on 24 and 25 October 2014 at the Concorde conventions Centre.