Vidéo : Inauguration of our new fleet of new FOTON brand trucks type ETX 2542.

AMI CONGO has decided to invest in its logistics service by importing 4 road tractors with trailers, brand FOTON, model ETX 2542. 

AMI CONGO customers now have an ALL-IN-ONE service including customs clearance at the port of Matadi and delivery of goods in the provinces of Kinshasa and Kongo Central. These trucks are designed to transport 40 or 20 foot containers and bulk goods.

Once arrived at the port of Matadi, the trucks were cleared through customs and joined the AMI CONGO warehouse in Matadi.

On May 18, 2020, the 4 trucks completed their first mission.

They arrived at AMI CONGO’s EPC in Kinshasa loaded with goods for a food distributor client.

Jean-Chryso Mayembe, Managing Director of AMI CONGO, blasting champagne with the press when the 4 trucks arrive in Kinshasa.