Company History

The “Agence Maritime Internationale du Congo” is established on 3 May 1919. At the time, the Congo was a Belgian colony. The headquarters is located in Antwerp and AMI installs its first offices in Kinshasa, in the place where now stands the headquarters AMICONGO.

The aim is to commercially manage the “Compagnie Maritime Belge du Congo (CMBC) “, which was in trouble. Founded January 24, 1895, CMBC owned boats while AMI dealt only business cases and expeditions.

The AMI will manage agencies in Boma, Matadi and Leopoldville (Kinshasa), started by the CMBC respectively in 1919 and 1913. It takes care of the transit of export coffee, cocoa, timber, rubber and other natural resources from the Congo Basin

On 20 February 1930, CMBC (Compagnie Maritime Belge du Congo) changes its name to CMB (Compagnie Maritime Belge).

In the 60s, the company settles in Katanga, Lubumbashi, Kolwezi, Likasi for exports of mining products such as copper and tin.

Congolese authorities decide that all companies operating in Congo must also implant their headquarter in the country.

AMICONGO is created on 13 March 1967. It is a Congolese company officially registered in May 3, 1967, with the entry of Congolese shareholders in its capital. The statutes of the AMICONGO are approved by the Presidential Order No. 068/092 of 29 March 1968.

Following the three-Z stream blowing on Zaîre, AMICONGO changes its name in AMIZA (Agence Maritime of Zaire) October 27, 1971

For 25 years, the company is experiencing a large development and opens agencies throughout Zaire.

On 17 May 1997, AFDL overthrows overthrows the Mobutu regime and Zaire takes the name of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The AMIZA gets back its former name AMICONGO.

September 17, 2013, AMICONGO joins WORLD FREIGHT NETWORK (WFN) with 238 members across 102 countries worldwide.