General Cargo Import

Before arriving at port in the DRC, the owner or charterer designates AMI CONGO as the Maritime Agent for his ship. AMI CONGO operates as Consignee agent for ship carrying general cargo (Import).

Services rendered by AMI CONGO: 

  • Assistance of the ship on arrival.
  • Support for docking.
  • Gathering of officials who must work on the ship in order to complete the formalities of arrival and departure of the ship: Maritime Commissariat, Immigration, Hygiene Services, Customs, ANR, Moorers Pool and the Congolese Control Office ( OCC).
  • Assistance to the ship for loading and unloading operations.
  • Declaration for insurance. The shipping agent Ami Congo makes notes relating to the external condition of the goods. For containers: condition of the container, checks of the seals. In conventional: state of the pallets or cartons or packaging. This declaration is established for the insurances contracted.

After the unloading of the ship, the clients receiving the merchandise present the BILL OF LADING (BL).

AMI CONGO then delivers to customers the DELIVERY NOTE.