Import Customs clearance of goods

Using AMI CONGO as customs clearer of imported marchandise offers substantial advantages to customers:  

  • AMI Congo is physically present through its agencies in most cities with a maritime border post (Matadi, Boma, Banana), international airport (Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, Bukavu and Kisangani international airports) or land border.
  • AMI Congo charges reasonable fees for its customs clearance services.
  • The customer can count on a real declaration which protects him from possible adjustments or penalties.

Current procedure in all AMI CONGO agencies in DRC.

1/ The customer entrusts AMI CONGO with the customs clearance of the goods before their arrival at the border post.

2/ When the goods arrive at the border, the customer communicates to AMI CONGO the documents that will allow to complete the customs clearance formalities: 

    • Transport documents: MARITIME: BL (Bill of Lading). AIR: LTA. TERRESTRIAL: waybill.
    • FOB purchase invoices for the goods.
    • The transport invoice for the goods.
    • The insurance invoice for the goods. In certain cases: the authorization of the competent ministry or ministries in the particular cases of sensitive goods such as, for example, pharmaceutical products or explosives..

3/ AMI CONGO performs the customs clearance formalities.

4/ Once formalities have finished, AMI CONGO gives the customer the justificative documents.

5/ The customer can then take out his goods duly customs cleared.