Public Warehouse Conceded

Some clients prefer to have their goods cleared in Kinshasa or Lubumbashi rather than at the border post customs (Matadi, Boma, Banana, Kasumbalesa, Kipushi). 

AMI CONGO offers DEMI-TRANSIT services in its two EPCs based in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. The Lubumbashi EPC also houses a DGDA Single Desk.

Services: Half-transit, handling, storage and warehousing.

HALF-TRANSIT procedure

1/ The client’s customs clearer fulfills all the formalities at customs at the border post.

2/ At customs border post, the customer’s customs clearer designates the AMI CONGO Public Warehouse Conceded (EPC) for the clearance of goods.

3/ The declarant designates a transporter to bring the container to the AMI CONGO Public Warehouse Conceded (EPC).

4/ Once arrived, the container is stored in the AMI CONGO EPC.

5/ The customs declarant performs the customs clearance formalities for the goods. Once he has finished, the Clearer gives the AMI CONGO agents the supporting documents.

6/ AMI CONGO then issues the EXIT VOUCHER. The customer can get their goods cleared from the AMI CONGO EPC.

HALF TRANSIT service: costs invoiced to the customer for any container transiting through our warehouse.

1/ One fixed price per container to clear.
2/ Handling, if the container has to be unloaded from the trailer.
3/ Storage, if the container spends more than 10 days.
4/ Warehousing. Applies to containers that have been unloaded and the goods of which are to be stored in the EPC warehouse.